Microsoft has said the modding for games is left up to the dev

#11phoenix9291Posted 7/12/2014 4:15:46 PM
crynryan posted...
While it won't exactly be like mods on PC, I can see things like extra levels, weapons, characters and such becoming available to create for consoles. Actual modding is taking parts of the original game and changing it, which won't likely happen since people could make it easier to unlock achievements or be able to make themselves invincible in online games.

All they'll likely do, is release their level editor. You create a level, upload it to Microsoft or the developers' site, they bugtest it and make sure it works and doesn't crash anything, and then release to the public.

I don't know about actual testing. I could see it maybe working like the steam workshop if it was actually released.
I would still be surprised to see it happen though.
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