Xbox Kinect - Commands - Response - Hand gestures

#1DoggiesLipstickPosted 7/12/2014 10:12:58 PM
Hi, I only just got my set up on Friday and i am happy apart from a few Kinect teething problems. Sometimes it works 100% fine and other times it can be un-responsive as hell! Does anyone else have trouble with simply commands?

- I will sometimes say "Xbox play disk" and it will 'Play Music' - Other things simply do nothing?

I think the fact that you have to say certain things spot on doesn't help. Like sometimes i will say "Xbox store" and because i didn't say 'Go to' it does nothing.

- I think you should be able to program your own commands. As everyone uses different words. My girlfriend makes fun of it and its lack of response at times. I tell her that iv programmed it to ignore her and find myself telling it to do things whilst sneakily using the remote to try and save its dignity.

- As for hand gestures, well I am unable to get that to work full stop.

Anyone else having the same issues or is there any tips?
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#2Millertime660Posted 7/12/2014 10:14:25 PM
Yeah it has a learning curve.... xbox go to is a pretty key phrase. When you get it right it works pretty much every time.
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This may help.
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slyman19 posted...
This may help.

Ah cool - I have printed off the PDF. Thanks
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