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We write a letter to Microsoft, one word at a time
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blaze99904112/21 3:41PM
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tough making a decision (next game)
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I Don't Mind the Halo 5 Additions
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SearchmanV161112/21 2:39PM
PSA - How to get an open NAT without leaving your Xbox OneSeanie1200212/21 2:27PM
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Halo 5 DIRECT FEED beta gameplay
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MrImpatient351612/21 2:02PM
Is there no retail release for Killer Instinct?
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If you could have one first-party game announced at E3 2015.... (Poll)
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LIsJustice3312/21 1:29PM
Let's make up a story about how Xbox One will win this gen- one word at a time
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Problem with billing info_Doomguy_312/21 1:05PM
Does UFC need to be online before it will start?
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AAs or Play-and-Charge? (Poll)
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Halo in general (Poll)Nodrog77512/21 12:52PM
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Recc me a single player game!BANDlCOOT912/21 12:03PM
How to acces music and movies on my portable hard drive?AnonymousFriend312/21 11:55AM
Can the Xbox One play older PC games on Ultra setting?
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M16Crowbar1812/21 11:21AM