they need to make sleeping dogs 2 or make sleeping dogs one come to xbox

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I always thought that Watch Dogs was the indirect sequel... although I never had it, and someone told me it wasn't, so...

Yeah. SD was a good game. If they make another, though, they'll be up against Watch_Dogs and GTA V.
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I loved the setting. A sleeping dogs in the future would be cool. It would look like Blade Runner
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ComradeRyan posted...

Is this real? I can't wait to do more martial arts on passing civilians.
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Is Sleeping Dogs that good? I got it for free on 360, and bought the DLC for it.

Maybe I should play it soon...
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I feel like Watch Dogs is more comparable to Sleeping Dogs than a modern day Assassins Creed. The free running and acrobatics are almost the same as SD and the driving is pretty similar too.
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