Okay, so my 360 broke, so now I am gonna make the jump for a newer system.

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How is the kinect anyway? If I do get the Xbox One, I may get it with the Kinect. The scan codes alone is great. I hate having to type that crap in lol.
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ShELbY_GT500 posted...
Like you already said you prefer Xbox cause of controller and friends. Seems pretty obvious to me which way you should go.
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Chaos_Matazaki posted...
How is the kinect anyway? If I do get the Xbox One, I may get it with the Kinect. The scan codes alone is great. I hate having to type that crap in lol.

The Kinect is great, I don't ever see myself buy a Kinect only game. But the voice commands are nice, it's awesome just telling it to turn on, or switch apps, pause or play Netflix or movies, snapping, recording game clips. You get that great kill and just say "Xbox record that" and it's done. To me it's totally worth the extra money just for the controle.
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I waited months to make my choice, I wanted a ps4 solely based on the reliability of my 360 to my ps3. Issue I ran into was games I play when I decided to buy a new console. To this the ps4 doesn't have 1 game for me(racing) available until driveclub comes. Look at ten games, feel the controllers. It takes getting use to a PS controller again for me.
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360's are really easy to fix, what's the problem with it? Plenty of fix tutorials on youtube. I just bought a new laser for my 360 for $10 because it stopped reading discs, took me 20 min to put in.
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As an owner of both, I would say Xbox. Xbox has a better line-up this fall. PS does have a slightly better line-up next year, but that could greatly change if Gears releases next year.

Kinect is pretty good. It may take some time to get it fully set up.

I doubt there will be another price drop this year. Xbox is slowly gain momentum, so I don't think they'd want to drop the price now.

In all honestly, you should follow your friends. I barely play on my PS4 because I don't know anyone who has one. This gen is socially connected and having personal friends is a very good thing to have this gen.
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I'd wait until more games come out on both systems. You'll have a much better idea of where each console is going in the fall.
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Which one has more games you want now and which one has more games you want until you can afford the other?
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Chaos_Matazaki posted...
I would wait, but I'm gonna have the money in a week or two. So I am trying to decide. I don't know if any decent bundles will be around at the time.

Do you have to give the money back or will it literally burn a hole in your pocket if you don't get one before holiday bundles come out?
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From what I read, if your friends are on xbox then don't see any reason to not join them then especially like you said you don't care about resolution which IMO people make it a bigger issue than it is.

Exclusives right now IMO are better on xbox one at the moment, which seems to always be the case at first when a sony system comes out, always starts off slow in exclusive department, just sells on hype.

Plus you said you like the controller better, which IMO xbox one controller is better besides the bumpers.