Mix the first xbox game you ever played with the most recent one, and create...

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2ndAtomisk posted...
JSRF meets Watchdogs to create something so spectacular words don't even describe.

Oh my. Hell, if you think about it, Aiden can already "graffiti" digital billboards... it's a natural...er...regression. OF AWESOME!
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Dead or Alive 3 and PvZ:GW -- this time the plants and zombies enter into hand-to-hand combat, featuring female zombies with realistic jiggling/bouncing breasts.
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Ninja Gaiden meets Killer Instinct?.
A Jago hack'n'slash game. I'd actually enjoy that.
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Tony Hawks Pro Sniping 3

It could work.
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mindoftwomorons posted...
Tony Hawks Pro Sniping 3

It could work.

Ollie into 1080-headshot!

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Dead or Alive Garden Warfare.
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watchdogs with lightsabers. omg i want

kotor btw
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Madden 05 + Madden 25, no lie.

Madden 30??
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Ryse of the Old Republic
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Jet Set Radio Future with Super Street Fighter 4. It's basically a brand new genre for the Fighting Game World.
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