What's Your Tenure With Xbox LIVE and How Much Gamerscore Do You Have?

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User Info: uniquebadger

2 years ago#71
7 years with a whopping 16,700. I tend to only get games that i think will be fun and not just buy everything that is released. I also do not try to go for achievements.

User Info: Darth_Umbrus

2 years ago#72
6 years, 29683 GS
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User Info: puffnbillys420

2 years ago#73
Probably like 5 years 12,500
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User Info: devnull520

2 years ago#74
7 years, almost 200k. I don't care about labels so not going to get into that, but for a person that has been gaming on Xbox for so long you either don't play that much, or you just play the same game over and over.

I am not big into MP games, I need to keep playing different games (I rarely revisit a game after I finish it) and without trying too hard my gamerscore is almost 200K, just because I keep changing games on almost a weekly basis.

User Info: aszsith

2 years ago#75
Since 2007, and hardly look at GS so I couldn't tell you. It's probably north of 60k by now.
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User Info: ShowStoppa24

2 years ago#76
12 years
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User Info: TRC-G00SE

2 years ago#77
9 years. Will be 10 years in august.

My gamerscore is 79,162.

User Info: charlton3k

2 years ago#78
8 years and 150k
Loved every minute of it!
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User Info: SS_MetalSonic

2 years ago#79
Estocassassin posted...
You guys with like 8+ yrs and have such a low gamerscore can i ask how? Do you just play MP? I don't really chase achievements but on this profile i have about 1yr and 21k gamerscore (i had to create a new profile last year) so the only explanations i can think of is you mostly play online or you don't buy many games.

Ps i'm not bashing anyone, just curious

7 years and about 24k Gamerscore. I bought a lot of games but being addicted to Battlefield : Bad Company 1 &2 prevented me from playing many of my games. My score got higher when Battlefield 3 came along. I was not addicted to that so I played more single player. Couple that with my friends that played Halo online and Call of Duty online and I just did not get much done with single player.

Now I am addicted to Battlefield 4 lol. When I make a commitment to single player next month ( late night vacation gaming - may have internet but wont be too fast I assume) I will finish a few games in my backlog and my Gamerscore will increase substantially.
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User Info: mikev522

2 years ago#80
5 years 20336 gamerscore
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