Does anyone else mainly buy Digital Copys?

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1 year ago#11
I haven't bought a physical copy of anything since the day I brought the One home. Don't plan to unless it's a collectors edition I must have. Digital all the way for me!
1 year ago#12
23/25 of my Xbox One games are digital. Will stay digital this gen. I have a 2TB hard drive just for that.
1 year ago#13
I always purchase a physical copy when it comes to retail games.
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1 year ago#14
I'm all digital, after PC gaming exclusively for several years I became use to never using a disc, which is barbaric by our technological standards.
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1 year ago#15
Either or. They both work.
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1 year ago#16
Don't usually buy anything digital that's over 15.00. Disks for all consoles.
1 year ago#17
PC - yes
Console - no

I have Forza 5 and Titanfall on XB1, RDR on 360 because it was on sale and most of the GWG/PS+ games but other than that I prefer a disc.
1 year ago#18
I buy digital specifically for the convenience and because price/resale are not the ultimate gating factors for me. I understand why this would not be optimal for many gamers.

The only feature I am missing now is pre-downloading and hopefully Family Sharing in the future.
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1 year ago#19
I'm a digital guy now -- it's the best experience.

I have all these games from all the years I've gamed (NES), and it's just too much crap. I will never sell my old games, but I think this is the gen where digital takes over, and the physical medium disappears. That makes me happy.

However, the prices are not there yet. So if it's a heavily multiplayer game that I want day one -- digital. If it's a single player game I can wait for -- physical IF it's cheaper than digital.
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1 year ago#20
All my games are digital! Nothing better than sitting in bed playing a game and just switch to another by saying "xbox go to """" just amazing.
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