Does anyone else mainly buy Digital Copys?

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No because for the same price i can have a disc

And maybe harddrive/ xbox server problems in 20 years or whenever

True but disk are also quite fragile and can stop working after the wrong type of scratch or a mistake of dropping it

i have never had that happen to me. a hard drive dying on the other hand, have had
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All digital this gen,if I coould get every game I buy on disc I would probably just do that but hate having a mix of both so just went all digital this gen which is great on X1,with in 3 minutes I can load up all my games(14)on the fly is such a great thing,I can get lazy sometimes and hate putting in discs in 8 different times,midnight launch on all titles,less ware and tare on the system,saves on energy and don's have to worry about wasting gas or going to midnight launches in the middle of winter with neck beards surrounding you makes it a plus in my book.