UBIsoft CEO on Rainbow 6 expectations: gamers want 60FPS

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Uh no i don't. I just want the game to have good gameplay and enjoyable versus mode

Framerate IS gameplay.


Otherwise you'd just get a slideshow.
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RockguyKev posted...
The best thing about the R6 demo was that it was slow and tactical so it didn't look like every other shooter in the last five years.

Yes. I used to play the old games. Rogue Spear is one of the best.
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Terrorist hunt or I'm not buying...or renting.

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The original was great on the N64. It was nerve racking as hell and extremely tactical.
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Yves is a moron...
Rainbow Six and Ghost recon stayed at the top of the charts on the original xbox...they were best sellers for the last generation

they dropped R6 for 4 years while they tackled raving rabbids and other game changing Wii projects

...they need rb6 to take off...are you kidding me..whwere do they make games? The moon? I swear gaming companies have no clue what their consumers want...

there is practically no such thing as a tactical shooter anymore...Yves "Hey lets revive a famous successful IP, and make it a run & gun!"

smh morons are ruining my favorite hobby
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below 60fps is not next gen experience, but rather old gen experience which is unacceptable.
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Just give me more Terrorist Hunts
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The Nintendo Wii taught the industry you don't have to have a powerful machine to be profitable...

with that said...everyone still bought XB1/PS4 systems...which are turning out to be last gen and a half..
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its ubisoft

stop all conversation for after it is released

they have zero word to go on at this point

why not make the crew 60fps?
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I'll say it again: Terrorist Hunt
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