Wolfenstein & PvZ on sale

#21regsantotomasPosted 7/15/2014 10:24:39 AM
Wolfenstein won't be on sale until July 17th
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youngunner2123 posted...
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yeah that's odd to type out a message and post it etc but can't do math while driving??smdh

Really easy math too. 33% of 60 bucks? ummmmmmmmmmm...

are you serious bro?

how hard is that to anybody?

60 in multiples of 3 is 20. Easy way to do it

answer is 40=$40 not that hard broham

Are you serious? Did my sarcasm fly that far over your head? You're reiterating what I was saying here... It's simple f***ing math...
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#23RS_YELARAKAPosted 7/15/2014 12:19:01 PM
Im 30, play mostly shooters such as BF, COD, Bond, and others. I can honestly say PvZ is awesome. You may think its childish just because its cartoony but its everything you get out of qny other shooter franchise. You got your classes, character customizations, weapon skins, tons of awesome unique maps, PvZ version of Kill Confirmed, PvZ version of Conquest/Rush, TDM, free DLC, you open packs of cards you buy with coins you earn from matches to unlock all your stuff, pretty cool concept. Theres all kinds of stats kept too.

Game looks damn good, runs smooth, Ive never been booted or lost connection.

if you havent read up on it do so, or go watch some videos or live stream. So much to this game, i bought it on release at 40 bones and thought it was well worth that. At 23 bucks thats a no brainer.
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PvZ is on sale now from what I can see.
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