Will CoD Advanced Warfare take the FPS crown away from Titanfall?

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We can all agree here, that Titanfall is by far the best First person shooter that has ever been made to this date. However, looking at the next excellent CoD entree, it seems to have its site to take that crown away from Titanfall. Do you think the next entree in the amazing CoD series will take away such an achievement that Titanfall has earned? Or will Titanfall remain supreme for years to come?

Nope to the bold.

Not even if I was drunk off my a** would I agree to that.

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I know I stopped playing Titanfall, it felt way too light on content. If I had to pick between Titanfall and a new CoD, Titanfall easily, lol.

Titanfall I actually had a great amount of fun with until most of my friends suddenly stopped playing, and I hated to played solo on Titanfall. It's easy to get stacked agaist.

I looked at what I believe to be game trailers of CoD. Same engine and it looks like it will play the same, so who cares? o_O It has Kevin Spacey or whatever, an actor I think is good but not good enough to make CoD good.

Even if it has a good story line, it's on the same boring engine. We experienced this same combat time and time again.
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When did Titanfall ever have a crown?
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One of the best MULTIPLAYER FPSs but not all around.
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Call of Duty couldn't dethrone any FPS at this point. The series has lost its way each installment after CoD4. It wasn't such a negative leap at first but at this point the only question is will Advanced Warfare do the impossible and be worse than Ghosts?

What a remarkably stupid statement, apart from the last part.... That, at least, is a good question.

We all have the right to our opinions. I couldn't tolerate MW2 because of the One Man Army/Commando/NoobToobs that became the norm. Black Ops was great but still a step backwards from CoD4. MW3 and Black Ops 2 had their own issues but namely latency issues arising mostly on parties.

Ghost was just horrible. Unplayable, not fun at all. I guess I could say the other games were playable but man Ghosts is awful
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CoD never lost the crown.
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Xbox One exclusive > Multiplat

Titanfall takes TRUE skill unlike COD where the connection is as variable as stars in the sky.

Preparing for Titanfall.

not to mention quick-scoping is NOT SKILLED AT ALL...
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In my mind I envision the "FPS Crown" as one of those cardboard Burger King crowns you used to get with kid's meals with "360NOSCOPELOLF@G!!1" scribbled on it in brown crayon. (Brown because its the only color 99% of FPS use)

As for the topic itself, who cares. Play what you want.
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Lol, Hypeandfall.

What a horrible game that lasted 2 weeks.

TF isn't even better than BF4, not even close.
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Lol, Hypeandfall.

What a horrible game that lasted 2 weeks.

TF isn't even better than BF4, not even close.

That's almost two weeks more than Infamous:SS with it's ugly canned death animations from two gens ago, and unlikable protagonist.