Confused, XBROS? The XBOX ONE's Controller Buttons Don't Make Enough Sense!

#1SolnotPosted 7/15/2014 8:58:13 PM
#2SteelToothPosted 7/15/2014 9:26:48 PM
The new buttons make as much sense as the black/white buttons on the original Xbox.
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#3LooksLikeRainPosted 7/15/2014 9:30:05 PM
The buttons do exactly what I expect them to. Who cares what they're called?
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#4Rome218Posted 7/15/2014 9:30:10 PM
Wow, that site sucks, hahaha. Do they publish articles for the sake of publishing? o_O I can't even say it was a good read, because it seems like something out of a slow news day, but it's an entertainment site, not news.
#5Rome218Posted 7/15/2014 9:36:54 PM
I always see or whatever posted here. It looks like a mix between a tabloid and a blog for people who enjoy Japanese anime. o_O

There's even an article for what to do if you're accused of rape. I guess kotaku knows their audience.
#6Crystyn_7BPosted 7/15/2014 10:27:00 PM
The menu button looks like a dropdown/popup menu exactly what the button does.

The View button should resemble alt+tab and bring up the currently running apps at all times imho.
#7snowboard340Posted 7/15/2014 10:33:57 PM
Developers choose what the buttons do in their games. Microsoft only controls the Center button, so obviously different games are going to use the buttons to meet their own needs. They have a set function for navigating the Xbox's UI, and that's it.
#8TenzhiPosted 7/15/2014 11:13:00 PM
Select didn't always select things. Start didn't always start things. They could arbitrarily label them as button 9 and button 10 for all the difference the labels make.
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