Sony must be scrambling after the Xbox One's more than 200% sales increase

#1ChevelIePosted 7/16/2014 4:37:53 PM
That must mean the Xbox One outsold the PS4 like 4 to 1

LOL now One >>>>> 4
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#2youngskillzPosted 7/16/2014 4:40:01 PM
bone will take it's rightful place at #1 in the usa.
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#3AwayFromHerePosted 7/16/2014 4:40:18 PM
Your math is bad, and you should feel bad.
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#4blitz_0623Posted 7/16/2014 4:41:10 PM
It's a 100%+ increase. And I know you didn't do that on purpose
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#5Rome218Posted 7/16/2014 4:45:07 PM
I only know one person irl with a PS4. More people in my area have XB1s, so people can view XB1s. None of them come on to GFaqs to listen to the nonsense, they just know that the xbox one looks awesome and they want it, and they're familiar with the brand and the price went down.

All the anti-MS stuff we've seen on the web really didn't do much but make Sony fans look weird to people.
#6Cosmic_DiabeticPosted 7/16/2014 4:54:37 PM
sales don't matter?
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#7BeefEasterPosted 7/16/2014 4:56:36 PM
chevelle topic
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#8crshovrrPosted 7/16/2014 4:59:11 PM
so they sold 10 units ?
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#9zephirrainesPosted 7/16/2014 4:59:37 PM
One month doesnt matter and im an xbox fanboy.

Good news regardless.
#10StrongBlackVinePosted 7/16/2014 5:02:51 PM
PS4 won June. Doubling 75k is not going to put Xbone in lead. Next chance for Xbone will be November....LOL.