Sony must be scrambling after the Xbox One's more than 200% sales increase

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the_old_days posted...
Who has time for this crap? Pathetic.

people who only own xbone?
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PS4 is sold out on amazon rn.........
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yes, they are scrambling.

Scrambling to keep up with demand from everybody switching to playstation!
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Xbox One sale's doubled, but it still didn't outsell the PS4. Sony isn't even remotely worried, only people worried are the guy's at Microsoft on what they can do to get the console up to par.
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MicrosoftLover posted...
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sales don't matter?

They matter now, Baaaaayy-beeeee!

when did this happen?

November 2013 when the Xbox One became the FASTEST SELLING CONSOLE in history!

And just now when the NPD sales numbers came out. It signifies that the PS4's best days are behind it and no amount of Destiny exclusive content and/or Bloodborne titles are going to change that. Ha...haha...HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH!

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For the love of God just please stop making like topics like these. The universe would be one without them.
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The only scrabling Sony did was a press release a day or two later showing they still handily outsold Xbone in June despite the increase. And you can bet the 200% sales increase was a one month swell due to people waiting on a price drop (and people holding off from purchasing in May, after MS announced the price drop). I fully expect July sales to be business as usual, in other words, somewhere maybe slightly above Wii U sales.