Where in the blue hell is HBO GO?

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Why would anyone use HBO GO on a home console where they have their cable box hooked up? Isn't that an app to allow you to watch HBO on the GO?

Personally I do not have HBo on my cable box, but my parents do at their house, and they made an account for me to use. So there is plenty of reason to.

This. I only watch GoT, Boardwalk Empire and the very occasional movie...And Flight of the Concords. Not enough to actually pay for so I use my aunt's account.
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My ps3 won't let me use Comcast hbo and it's not on xbox one.... what the heck.
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Can anyone confirm canada has hbo go on xbox1?
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Can anyone confirm canada has hbo go on xbox1?

There you go: http://i.imgur.com/gyTtRbk.jpg

More info about it here: http://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/2au2uo/the_canadian_version_of_hbo_go_came_out_today/

Major Nelson states in the thread that, "To clarify: TMN Go in Canada licenses HBO content. While it SAYS HBO GO |Canada, it's not actually the HBO Go app. And no, I do not know when HBO Go is coming to Xbox One. That's a great question for HBO. When they tell me, I'll let you know."
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^ that's a buzz kill I'm trying to invite girls over to watch game of thrones
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