Is Kinect Sports Rivals fun?

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If you loved Fighter Within then you'll probably enjoy just about anything.

You are so desperate for attention.


Xbox one has vsriety compared to ps4 which is old pc ports.


Yes i am riiiiight. Dnmt trolls all day sayin there is no point in an xbox one since titanfall an dead rising 3 are on pc now but ignores that ps4 has more pc crossover from OLD games.

Consider yourself educated.

Maybe there's no point in getting a PS4, either. Blew your mind, did I?

Except you constantly defend it and are just trying to pretend you are not a pony right now despite how obvious it is.

Get a backbone.
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As someone who had high hopes for that title, I wound up being disappointed as a whole. I only found two out of the six to be worthwhile. That was the Wake Racing (my personal favorite), and the rock climbing. Everything else was meh-bad. Bowling and Tennis did nothing for me. The Wii did those much 2006. Shooting was boring, and the Soccer was awful. They should have brought back Boxing and Track and Field IMO. I regret paying $60 for it. I sold it after a weekend of play. I wish they would take the Wake Racing, develop it further and make it a standalone game. I would buy it.

I wouldn't recommend going for it unless you can find it in a bargain bin for $20.
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