what is the best way to watch Netflix?

#11guvadcPosted 7/18/2014 7:51:24 PM
Garage_Man posted...
I use the ps3. Idk why but if I guessed it's still my main media machine as all the next gen systems can't replace it yet.

Same here, Shame isn't it?

I remember when I bought the PS4 and thought that the thing was going to be able to do the same stuff the PS3 did media wise an them some. Then I hooked it up and found the thing pales in comparison.

Now they just want us to pay monthly fees to access music services instead of letting us access the vast music library we already own. Pretty soon there won't be any devices with DNLA or anything like it for free. We will have pay a for a separate app or subscription fee to do it.
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I'd say the xbox one app works just fine. If you want, you could always use the hdmi cord that comes with the xb1 and just connect your PC to your TV that way.
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If you're going to watch it on a console? I've heard you want to use the PS3, though 360 should be fine now (it doesn't require gold anymore, right?)

The PS4 and Xbone Netflix apps as I understand it are not brilliant yet, they apparently still need some work.

Personally I'd suggest hooking your old laptop to the TV (assuming it has HDMI) and using that, it's what I did until I got a smart TV.
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I watch a lot of Netflix and have access to all regions. The Xbox one UI is good and quite fast. I guess Xbox plays in 720P? I can watch Netflix on my blu ray player, and the controller even has a Netflix button, but its crap, and slow. I like the PS4 better, it's seems slightly slower then Xbox, but plays in 1080P. To summarise, both Xbox and PS consoles are just fine, but they could be a lot better, and needs some tweaks, like screen size ratio maybe and minutes left, and synopsis display while playing
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Legend524 posted...
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the only correct answer in this thread
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Legend524 posted...
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The best way to watch Netflix is with your eyes. Best. Answer. Everrrrrrr.
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I personally usually use it on my PC because it is really easy to switch between Canadian Netflix and American Netflix. They both have exclusive shows so I like the option to use either.
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Chromecast for me.
I pick a movie on my phone, tablet or laptop, hit the Chromecast button, and enjoy the movie on my 47" LED TV


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