C/D Last gen consoles are holding back current generation consoles

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and its because of the multi plats
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This is the laziest topic I've ever seen. You didn't even explain yourself. How do you plan to have a conversation when you didn't even bother to initiate one?
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okay because of the multi plats being put on the last generation of consoles time and money is spent developing those versions instead of the current generation, so resources and devs are allocated else where, which in term makes some of the multi platform games lacking in some form
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D, if a publisher cuts costs by not making new gen and outsourcing a downport, then they were never going to take full advantage of new gen regardless. Crossgen whining is pathetic and pure ignorance of both the industry and how games are made.
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Most games being released now or in the next year or so have all been in development since before this gen started. What we are seeing now are mostly games made for 360 and PS3 then ported to X1 PS4. Now if it continues past the tail end of 2015 I would consider it an issue, but for now, not so much.
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ZeroShot101 posted...
okay because of the multi plats being put on the last generation of consoles

no it's last gen multi plats being put on next gen consoles
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It's because when you develop for both you pander to the lowest common denominator and don't use the full potential of the greater effect.
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