xbone is like king kong

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2 years ago#1
it came crashing down from the empire state building.
2 years ago#2
It's actually a powerful, energetic creature with the best of intentions, completely misunderstood by it's adopted consumer base?
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2 years ago#3
Or it's a powerful beast in its own element that eventually gets vanquished when it comes up against a more powerful technology.
"Correct. Xbox One is Kinect." Microsoft VP
Really...seems this Day One Edition purchaser was "Madoff-ed by Microsoft."
2 years ago#4
You guys do realise the subtext of King Kong isn't all that subtle, right? It's a poignant conveyance that the initial appearance of something belies it's actual nature and intentions, that even something with beastly stigma is not necessarily a beast.

Your metaphor essentially means that Xbox One is a misunderstood, empathetic creature destroyed by the violent nature of a prejudiced society.

I would actually agree with that.
Double Jump Game Comics: http://doublejump.thecomicseries.com/
2 years ago#5
Don't waste your thoughts on trolls. Just move on.
2 years ago#6
I've been reading information on Xbox One recently. It seens like tge console's momentum has picked up a bit.

Since my PS4 was stolen about a month ago, I've been on PS3 again. About two weeks ago, I bought a used X360 and kinda got a morale boost in my gaming again. Instead of buying another PS4 when I get a "free" check, I'm considering the X1 instead.
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