LEGEND725: "NPD illustrates Xbox is on the rise. Sony struggles to find identity

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Second legend topic that shows he's a tool. Legend, your sig was all I needed to see to know how ridiculous you are. Well that and "nice face but a poverty butt." Tool shed.
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Xbox One selling under 100k in May and "doubling" sales just to keep up with their normal month to month figures? yeah that isn't gaining speed. You people can attempt to justify your console all you want, but there is no conspiracy here, and there is no smoke and mirrors being placed. PS4 is the popular console at the moment, and the only way this will change is if Sony's first party studios drop dead and stop releasing exclusives, or if the network gets hacked and shut down for months on end.

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LEGEND_725 posted...

The latest NPD numbers demonstrate how Microsoft is gaining momentum as they DOUBLE THEIR SALES from last NPD.

Meanwhile Sony continues to desperately cling to the multiplat myth and propaganda backed by digital foundry as sales stagnate and they barely edge Microsoft.

Xbox is catching playstation even before releasing heavy hitters like Halo MCC and sunset overdrive. Expect those months to be dominated by Xbox one.

If Sony continues to have a non-existent lineup it can be safely assumed this lead gift wrapped to them by Xbox will evaporate, with phil spencer at the head you better believe they won't get another chance like that.


XB1 has only two real exclusives for the rest of the year, namely, Sunset Overdrive and Dance Central. Or you can make it 6 if you wanna count the remastered games and console exclusives like:
Forza Horizon 2
Fantasia Music evolved
Halo: MCC
Project Spark

PS4's exclusive lineup for the rest of this year destroys this with 2 real exclusives Driveclub and Deep Down, and 9 if we count console exclusives like:
Last of Us remastered
LittleBigPlanet 3
Samurai Warriors
Guilty Gear XRD
Natural Doctrine
Tropico 5

And starting next year Sony has The Order in February and Bloodborne in March, it's not really going to be much of a contest. I just wish MS fanboys would stop repeating the same lie of PS4 not having games, when it has way more already, and many more coming compared to XB1.
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this topic is gold.

i'm gonna "bite" though..

on the rise you say? but.. rise from what? wasn't May low due to people waiting for June? Not much of an indicator, is it? Now if we go back and look at sales before the price drop announcement...

april npd:

PS4 199k
XB1 115k

So with a "price drop" xb1 had a 82k temporary increase (price effect will disappear next month)
PS4 did nothing and increased 70k

that's pretty poor for a "xb1 rise". July will look even worse.
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I love how wrecked the fanboys get by TC's fanboy topics. So much hurt over plastic.
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Actual photo of TC pondering his findings:

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scoobydoobydont posted...
Actual photo of TC pondering his findings:


"demoes are dumb anyway. just buy the game. solves that." - The Village Idiot
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I swear the board should make drinking games for people like Legend.
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How do I not have LEGEND_725 on my ignore list? Well, time to fix that.
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Because he's hilarious, and if anyone truly thinks that he's a sincere Xbox fan and not just a person whose taken reverse trolling and turned it into art, then well...
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