Xbox 360 to Xbox One

#1Exodus_KnightPosted 7/20/2014 3:59:53 AM
OK I have a question. I have a 360 along side a few other consoles but the one question that comes to mind is. If I buy an Xbox one can my download titles from the 360 be downloaded to the Xbox One or will I have to re-buy everything again? I know I want Killer Instinct so there is one game, I am sure others will come or are here already. I am not interested in COD, Battlefield, Halo, Titansfall, Destiny as well as some other games. so far it sounds like I don't like FPS but I do, I like Bioshock, Borderlands, Timesplitters, Perfect Dark (Original), Goldeneye (Original), F.E.A.R and a few others.

I am sure some Xbox One as well as some PS4 titles will catch my eye or I would not have a 360 or PS3. My WiiU, 3DS, N64, Sega Saturn a a few other consoles keep me busy when I need to be. Nintendo is for my 1st party games unless Timesplitters was made for it or if it is a sonic game I find interesting as well as a few other 3rd party games such as Devil's Third and Bayonetta.

I hope I can re-download the games I brought on my 360 onto my Xbox One or I will make a sad face :(
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I guess your going to have a sad face then.
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-complex- posted...
I guess your going to have a sad face then.

Really no transfer type thing like the Wii to WiiU. The same account on a new system but the games don't go over! No you brought this game, download it for 0.
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This is why you do your research before buying something.
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aheroafake posted...
This is why you do your research before buying something.

Is the PS4 the same or is already brought stuff there for re-downloading. I am sure a few of you have a PS4 as well or sold the Xbox One for a PS4.
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The quick simple answer is:

PS3 games on PS4 = No
Xbox 360 games on Xbox One = No
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:/ I will get one regardless sometime next year. The PS4 will follow at some point.
#8Garage_ManPosted 7/20/2014 8:37:49 AM
Umm it depends on the PS3 game....some of them you buy once and then have it on ps3/4/vita.

The new Oddworld game is the perfect example of this.
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Just keep your 360 hooked up alongside it. The 360 and X1 shouldn't step on each other's toes. Having all of those 360 games you enjoy, plus future X1 games you like, will work to your advantage as a gamer.