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2 years ago#21
Reach for me. I really enjoyed that game, MP and campaign wise, compared to the other couple I've played.
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2 years ago#22
4 for me. I liked Reach too, but 4s sound quality and effects were amazing.

Also, the mantis was... awesome.

Overall, each game is better than the last.
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2 years ago#23
Halo 2 by far for multiplayer, I enjoyed reach and odst's single player a lot. 4 was overall meh to me.
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2 years ago#24
Halo 3 for me, it's the first game I played online mp on. Good times.
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2 years ago#25
I moved in with one of my first serious girlfriends and would play Halo 2 online every night with her. We'd go to college and set up Xboxes on the projectors on system link. Amazing.

But I might - MIGHT - have to give it to Halo 3. Simply for Forge. I created this level called "Nightmarish Unfairness" which had spawn points firing into fusion coils and a continuously-spawning set of explosives into a mancannon that fired into the main battle zone. I was sadistically beautiful.
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2 years ago#26
Campaign: Halo
Multiplayer: Halo 3 Custom games (Infection)
Co-Op: Reach firefight
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2 years ago#27
No Halo Wars?

I would have to say Halo CE. It had the best mp imo.
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2 years ago#28
I can understand the rest I suppose, but Reach beating Halo 4?


+1 H4.
2 years ago#29
I liked Halo 4 the most too. Weak story, but I liked the enemies, I really liked Spartan Ops. I also bought the LE console so I could replace my Elite with a new Slim and I liked the FOTUS armor that adorns my Spartan in mp
2 years ago#30
I loved the fact it was MY spartan. It was awesome.
The story. I love all Halo games, But Reach felt more entertaining. Plus the other Spartans, I found quite enjoyable. Sucked whenever they'd die. Jorge went like a bad-ass.
The Forge was awesome at the time. I loved Halo 3's forge. But having to do glitches to phase an object etc. Reach made it all easier.
The soundtrack. I loved it. I could listen to it all day. Was just awesome.
MP was fun. Still enjoyed Halo 3's MP more. Custom Games was great.
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