Titanfall is Xbox One number 1 game yet again played on Xbox Live

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CKnight posted...
Exclusive next gen version is on the Xbox 1.


On topic I've come back to the game after being somewhat let down by Destiny Beta and TF is really fun.

That is PC, actually. It is current gen, anyway. The PS4/Xbox One became current gen in November of last year.
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Absolutely incredible exclusive only for Xbox One. http://www.thexboxhub.com/xbox-one-and-xbox-360-charts-topped-by-the-usual-suspects-yet-again/

Not x1 exclusive, and you know that. they do the 360 list first and titanfalls on that list too.

Yeah yeah same same old comments, just admit it, it burns your cheecks it's not on a Playstation console.

Titanfall is exclusive to Xbox consoles

The Last Of Us is on PS3 and PS4 so it's exclusive to PS consoles.

You're welcome I'l be here all day...well not all day but still.

On a final note, I thought nobody played this game online anymore? did I get lied to? by fanboys? no way?

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I couldn't believe it when they announced the sequel, for the PS4 as-well.
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