Destiny...what a turn of events...

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You know what I'm thinking right now? I'm thinking I should make my own video game and call it "The Numbers Sims!" The whole game will be nothing but running numbers simulations, and that's it. The game just throws a bunch of numbers at you and you sit there and watch. It'll be in 9000 resolution and run at 900 FPS. It'll be the best game ever and make the #1 spot on all charts...simply because it seems that's all that matters to people these days. Best. Game. Everrrrrrrrrr.

And it will still run better on the PS4...

Wow, someone so butt hurt over TitanFall they had to make their own screen name about it lol....fanboys man they never change, they only get worse.

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beta code

beta code

beta code
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it'll probably outsell the ps4 version.

Just ridiculous post after ridiculous post on this board today.

Just going by install bases this will be incorrect.

You are joy to behold!
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To be fair, I was one of the "pre-orderers," but I'm cancelling after I play the beta. I'll actually be getting a digital copy. I'm sure it's the same for most others- pre-ordering/cancelling for the beta. I still haven't received my code yet :/
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was one thread of failure not enough?

This is a total win thread.