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2 years ago#21
My fully paid pre orders

-Dragon Age Inquisition
-AC Unity
-The Evil Within
-Sunset Overdrive

Games outside of October
-Halo: MCC
-Diablo 3:UED

My top pick would be The Evil Within.
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2 years ago#22
uniquebadger posted...
MicrosoftLover posted...
There's only one game on there worth a damn and that's...


I really don't understand the hype for SO. Plus the way people are seeming to get so hyped for this game i am expecting some major letdown. It is never good to get over hyped for any game.

thats because "over-hyped" isnt a positive word
Thats like saying an factually ugly person cant be pretty....factually
or you cant be happy when youre sad....

its your opinion its over-hyped....its GREAT to get hyped for games. Why not be excited? Just because you dont think anything of it doesnt mean anything to anybody else
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2 years ago#23
*cough* September *cough* *cough* Destiny *cough*
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2 years ago#24
sunset overdrive,fantasia and maybe wwe 15 but roster/gameplay improvements pending
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2 years ago#25
I'm waiting for Holiday sales before I buy any game coming out after August.
2 years ago#26
Dragon Age was pushed back to November 18

For me it's
Sunset Overdrive
NBA 2k15
WWE 2k15
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
Assassin's Creed Unity
It's Clobbering Time
Best in the World
2 years ago#27
2 years ago#28
AC Unity
Playing Witcher 2, Hitman Blood Money, Thief
Anticipating Destiny, AC Unity, Halo MC Collection
2 years ago#29
I have lord of the rings on pre order but might cancel, other than that I won't get any, I want sunset overdrive but think it's coming out at the wrong time, it would of been better coming out now, something to hold people over until the fall games are released.
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