You realise that resolution is not the main problem.

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2 years ago#41
I actually dont like master chief's armor, nor halo.
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2 years ago#42
BobbyB3000 posted...

Real eyes

Reel ayes
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2 years ago#43
Yakashi posted...
It might have better AI? Seriously? My god. What is with you people?

You people?
ediotsavant posted...Set it up on my buried crt tv from the 80's era and was blown by Iron Soldier.
2 years ago#44
Like with Tomb Raider on PS4 at 60fps and chugged along dropping frames like crazy sometimes around 20fps but X1 version was locked at 30fps making the game much more enjoyable,it goes both ways so try harder next time TC,both consoles are weak,if want 1080p 60fps locked then get a PC.
2 years ago#45
Are you numb?, unlock 60 fps is still more powerful than 30 fps locked. I already have a pc so your suggestion is null.
Gamertag: Alehappy
2 years ago#46
drfirepants posted...
LanternOfAsh posted...
You literally don't have a clue about how game development works.

Because you are both top game developers right?
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2 years ago#47
Parisinflames78 posted...
well considering the GPU has nothing to do with the CPU which handles the AI for a game and since both consoles CPUs are nearly identical thats not likely.

So you are saying with similar cpu's the ai will be the same on both consoles?
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2 years ago#48
Stay in school kids, don't be weird, otherwise you end up like the TC. Spending his time trolling message boards pretending to be a programmer instead of going to college to be a programmer.
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  3. You realise that resolution is not the main problem.

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