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Welcome to this, the most almighty, greatest battle in the history of Xbox! These Microsoft-owned characters meet to have a scrap, and only you can decide their fate!

Using a randomiser, I take two of our Xbox heroes and pit them against each other in glorious combat! From there, the first eleven posters to state a victor will see the one with the most votes move on to round two heats! Why eleven? Well, it's odd, for starters. But hey... it's also ELEVEN!

Each fighter is assigned one signature weapon from their franchise to use in the battle, and can use any of the special abilities they could/can in their respective games.

Here is the entire roster of battlers up for this almighty championship:

MASTER CHIEF (with Battle Rifle)
ARBITER (with Energy Sword)
MARCUS FENIX (with Lancer)
AUGUSTUS COLE (with Boltok Pistol)
BANJO AND KAZOOIE (with Mumbo's Wand)
AZURIK (with Element Staff)
BLINX (with the Time Sweeper)
SHU (with his Blue Dragon)
KLUKE (with her Blue Eagle)
COMIC JUMPER (with Dual Smiley Pistols)
MS. SPLOSION MAN (with 'Splosions)
CONKER (with Frying Pan)
CRACKDOWN AGENT (with Firefly Multi-Missile)
OAKVALE HERO (with Sword of Light and Dark)
JACK OF BLADES (with his Hundred Blades)
KAMEO (with her Elemental Transformations)
CAPELL (with his Unblessed Blade)
FULGORE (with his Blades and Chest Cannon)
SADIRA (with her Silken Web Blades)
LOCOCYCLE (with Pablo)
KAIM (with Immortal Blade)
SETH (with Angel Heart Sword)
MAX (with his Magic Marker)
INPHYY (with Valiant Blade)
TYURRU (with Water Orb)
ORI (with Sein)
JOANNA DARK (with Laptop Gun)
ELVIS (with FarSight)
EDGAR (with Phantom Dust)
GUNSTRINGER (with Puppet Pistols)
FRANK (with The Maw)
LEAFOS (with The Pinatas)
VOODOO VINCE (with Pins)

Stay prepared for the first battle - get those votes in quick. Remember ONLY THE FIRST ELEVEN COUNT!
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MC wins all this hands down

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Master Chief!
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KLUKE (with Blue Eagle) battles EDGAR (with Phantom Dust)!

Reference for those of you unfamiliar:

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where's the part where the lone wanderer comes out from left field and uses the experimental MIRV to kill everyone in a blink of an eye?
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I don't think any of you have understood this so far.
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i dont know who they are :o
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