Anyone else have save issues at the end of Guacamelee?

#1Swan3624Posted 7/22/2014 9:04:07 AM
I am pretty pissed right now. I was playing the last level of Guacamelee game with a friend of mine and everything was going well. We made a ton of progress, uncovered almost all of the final map, and then beat the final boss.

But I didn't get any achievements for that boss defeat. Maybe it was just a co-op thing... maybe I was supposed to beat the boss alone. No big deal. Then it asks if I want to put my score on the leaderboard. But it doesn't let me... it keeps telling me to reconnect to the Internet. I tried dozens of times but it keeps immediately bringing back a connection error.

Whatever. A little annoying, but whatever.

But then I realize when I'm at the main menu that my name is not in the upper-left. So I sign in to my account, something that I shouldn't have to do since I was playing on my account the whole time, and then the horror of lost progress is realized... the game didn't save ANYTHING my friend and I did. That was 2 hours of progress, roughly 20% of my overall game time.

I tried to sync my save data, deleted the console data and redownloaded it, signed out and back in... and nothing. My save data isn't completely wiped, but it didn't save a damn thing from that two hour session.

What happened? Has anyone else had this happen to them?