Can someone explain why the Master Chief Collection is any different than TLoU?

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Tlou came out LAST YEAR

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The master chief collection also comes with halo nightfall and access to the halo 5 beta
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It isn't different but you want us to argue with you like always to satisfy your sick mind. Seek help.

People HAVE argued with me over this in other topics, so I felt it deserved it's own topic. You'll see.


If you actually need an explanation to why the Halo MCC is different the TLOU Remastered then you need serious help.

Other than it being different games, how is it any less of a cash grab than TLOU? Because it really isn't.

So porting one game from one generation to the next is equivalent to porting 4 games from 2 generations, introducing seamless game transmission in both PVP and PVE, recreating one of the 4 games from scratch and upping the graphics on the others?
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Other than it being different games, how is it any less of a cash grab than TLOU? Because it really isn't.

Because of the amount of work and investment needed to put them out.

TLOU remastered is basically port the old game to the new system and you are done.

MCC is much more involved.

Re-building Halo 2 completely from scratch including all MP maps, getting it to run on a new engine on a new system simultaneously with the old engine on the new system.

Porting 3 other games to the new system, and also re-making Halo:CE MP for online, which was never done before.

Building a brand new matchmaking system to tie in all MP modes from all 4 games into one including over 100 MP maps.

Creating a lot of brand new content to tie the games together and lead up to Halo 5.

In other words, the amount of work required to port TLOU is basically equivalent of what they are doing with Halo 4, but the amount of work they are doing with Halo 2 dwarfs the investment made by Sony for TLOU:R. Not to mention all the extra stuff that is going into it.
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Bet this goes 10 pages and gets bumped up.

There is an "ignore" function if you can't handle someone trying to spark a conversation that doesn't involve praising everything about the Xbox One. Maybe try using it? I honestly wouldn't care.

Yes...yes there is and thanks for reminding me. It will be a better board in just 20 seconds for me.
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.
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How about it being way more of a value than TLoU Remastered? I just fail to see how it isn't a better value for the money.
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I have no problem with any remakes or HD version or whatever. In fact 3 of my most desired games at this very moment would be a Xbox One version of Saints Row 4, followed by 3 and then the Borderlands Prequel.

However there is certainly a larger gap in quality between the originals and the new versions in the Halo collection and really only the most hardcore of Halo fans would have played every single map included in this collection.

I don't honestly know if there is enough improvement in TLoU on PS4 to be worthy of a double dip, but I know there is with this Halo Collection.
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recreating one of the 4 games from scratch and upping the graphics on the others?

Yea.. they didn't recreate any of the 4 games from scratch.
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Halo MCC=1080 60fps,bungie could not do this if they tried so 343 is doing it right and will make the games more enjoyable,new leader boards for all games,Halo 2 is getting a full remaster of a game that is considered the best MP game ever on a console which I kinda agree,new skulls,remastered SP for Halo 2.

It also has Nightfall and Halo 5 beta,so that is 4 games with all map's,over 100 map's,dedicated servers which it never had,4,000 cheevo score,no need for DLC since we get everything for 60 bucks,makes orange box look like an Indie title when it comes to content.

LoU is the same thing I played last year but it's 60fps and the MP will still be terrible and you will be stuck paying for more DLC since they won't release it until after this is released,ND even said themselves this game is for people who missed out on the last one,Halo MCC is for all mp shooter/Halo fans that want to play good MP games again,not this trash we are handed every year,looking at you CoD and BF.

This is not even a debate.
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Jesus I've never seen this amount of Titanic size butt hurt over two cash grabs then the TC is showing, I'm sorry a Xbot bad mouthed your precious The Last Of Us TC it's the internet it happens.

Like one of the posters said on here, if you can't tell the difference you really help in the bias department.

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