Destiny Beta Codes!!!!

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2 years ago#111
I have a ps4 code I'm willing to trade for an xboxone code. I have both systems and would like to compare contrast the betas.
gt : slippertails
psn: slippertails
2 years ago#112
Need a beta code for Xbox 360. Didnt know they stopped on the 17th I went to pre order today and see I couldn't get it :(

Xbox 360 gamertag l Ryan 11 l. Or PM me.
2 years ago#113
youngunner2123 posted...
Damn the last like 8 posters are all new users. Soooo many alts in one day lol

Exactly why I haven't given up my spare codes.

I need to recognize your name, and maybe I'll give a code away.
Always O.G.
2 years ago#114
Is there any chance I could get one? I'm not a new user, just don't post very often haha
2 years ago#115
Same here! please!
2 years ago#116
If anyone has any xbox one codes I would be ever so grateful
2 years ago#117
I have two beta codes for xbox one. Message me at DallasUnited for 1 code
2 years ago#118
Hey dallasunited, send 1 code to me:

2 years ago#119
Hey dallasunited! Can I have one code please?
2 years ago#120
I need one for Xbox One please.
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