Destiny Beta Codes!!!!

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2 years ago#121
Has anyone got a spare code please?
2 years ago#122
I need one for xbox one please
2 years ago#123
Anyone wanna help out an old timer by giving me a code for Xbox One?
2 years ago#124
Need to Trade UK beta code for USA beta code for xbox one plz
2 years ago#125
I would like a code. Please and thank you. I'll give a compliment!
2 years ago#126
Here's an xbox one if anyone still wants one 64THF-YCVK7-RJVH3-4W7DG-3WF4Z
Xbl , PSN and Nintendo network id -xxassain00
2 years ago#127
I wish
i5 3570k 4.5Ghz | 16GB Ripjaws X RAM | GTX 670 SLI | 128 samsung SSD + 1TB HDD | Sony Bravia 46 inch.
2 years ago#128
I need a code for xbox one 😩
2 years ago#129
I could really use a code for xbox one if. Anyone could help me out that'd be great!
2 years ago#130
A code for someone that lost their preorder receipt? ;__;
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