Does MIcrosoft have an answer for The Uncharted series?

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I won't deny that I'm a hard core xbox fanboy, but the Uncharted series is one of the best I've played. That being said, no PS shooter is as good or as skill bas ed as Halo, and having read all the books, I'm way more invested in Halo.
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kennyynnoo posted...
No they eliminated there entertainment department so they won't do movies.

you don't know how to use there, their and they're apparently either.
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CharadeSmith posted...
Nope, it's impossible.

Wow this troll is out in force today isn't he?

To answer TC question Halo. Halo changed the way we do online gaming Uncharted hasn't really changed anything. Also the online in Uncharted is not that good, played 2 and 3, and only wishes it could be anywhere near as good as the multiplayer.

I wont judge the story as both have good stories in their own settings.

I always laugh at his comments, he even gets told to leave on his own board for being a Idiot.

To answer the TC's troll question about Uncharted. Let's get one thing straight, It's one of my favorite series/video games of all time. Secondly Halo is a billion dollar franchise. Uncharted is not.

That's why you always hear "which game will be the next COD killer" remember when Killzone was suppose to be the Halo killer? You never hear "Will this game be the Uncharted killer" Get over yourself TC.

Topic over.
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blitz_0623 posted...
Microsoft needs an answer for the Uncharted series? lol

Even this guy agrees! and he's awesome.

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Your fanboy is showing. Halo and Gears have won many awards and done more for their genres than Uncharted and TLOU. Also I like to play games not movies.

Agree about Uncharted--MS doesn't need an answer to it, it was Sony's response to Gears (and a direct rip-off of TR) and Gears sells better--but TLoU took story telling and character development in games to a new level, and it was pretty unique in not specifically being a survival or stealth game yet featuring and blending so much of those gameplay mechanics so well into the game organically. And in a end of gen, AAA, new IP no less. It was a huge risk taker when they could easily have pulled a Gears or God and s*at out a phoned in Uncharted sequel or spin-off. Hell, they could have just ported and polished the Vita game and no one would have been shocked.
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