Which fanbase is most obnoxious?

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11 months ago#181
uniquebadger posted...
You left out Apple Hipsters

Oh God no!

There will come a day when Xbox Lovers(Masterchief) and Playstation Lovers(Covenant) must come together to stop these Apple Hipsters(The Flood).

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11 months ago#182
i love it, on the Xbox board apperantly Xbox fanboys are worse by 25% more than Sony fanboys. Brillitant job Sony fanboys trolling this board lol.
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11 months ago#183
PC gamers are easily the most obnoxious.
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11 months ago#184
GladiatorDanger posted...

you forgot both or all of them
11 months ago#185
I voted pony. Not only because i have xboxes, but because i also have nintendo stuff and sonyans are the only group i see that consistently gathers in large numbers on other boards, blogs, news sites and wherever else, to talk crap.

Pc guys can be annoying, but you only come across them every once in a while. It's almost impossible to have a conversation about nintendo or xbox in any public forum without a pony coming along to troll.

The fact that xbox fans are being voted to be the worst, ON the XBOX board, illustrates my point damn near perfectly. Theres no comparison to made between fanboy lots: sony wins this by miles.
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11 months ago#186
ImDyinSquirtle posted...
PC gamers are easily the most obnoxious.

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11 months ago#187
I know we were limited to the 3 choices but I have to say this...I know it's a sub-class, but by far the most annoying are the "Pokemon" and "Smash Bros is a REAL Fighting Game" people. SMH...
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11 months ago#188
Every hobby has fanboys and they all need to be put in a cell with each other until there is nothing but a red slick.

All they do is make the other 80% of the base look crazy.
11 months ago#189
Other. The Dark Souls fanbase takes the cake and eats it, too.
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11 months ago#190
lol the ponies are more obnoxious.
80% of that poll came from ponies since PC & "Xbros" were busy playing their games.

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