Which fanbase is most obnoxious?

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Many xbros are delusional.

Console sales and various polls are showing it

Currently, Xbone is the most hated console because of the **** microsoft trying to pull on gamers. Yea they did the infamous 180s, but I dont think gamers are easy to forget what they trying to pull with xbone.

Now, Xbros are certainly the bunch of most obnoxious, delusional and in denial fanboys.
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Laylow12 posted...
You will rue the day you messed with me.



Ahhh!!! *trips and falls backwards out of an inconveniently open tenth story window and dies*
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Rabid fanboys are obnoxious. It doesn't matter what platform they support.
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Honestly all the XBROS as you call them bought a PS4 this generation because they believed the hype. So I see that as a good thing.
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All, as in Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Sony fanbois can't seem to shut up about resolution and frame rates. They also think PS4 has the better exclusives (it doesn't mean that I think the Wii U and Xbox One exclusives are any better).

Microsoft fanbois - can't take criticisms and of course only believes the only haters that could hate on the Xbox One are ponies which blows my mind knowing that most of owners who owns a Xbox 360 and gotten PS4 are the haters. They never though that nintendo and PC fanbois could hate the One.

Nintendo fanbois - The smash bros community, seriously, they don't even get along with each other. They also overhyped every Nintendo IPs in existence.