Destiny beta, black screen. Halp......

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User Info: Allistare

2 years ago#1
SO!... I've downloaded the destiny beta twice now. 2 and a half hours each download. And, each time i finish the download, I go to launch the game and am slapped immediately with a never ending black screen. I'm desperately looking to find out what the hell is going on.

When my download gets to 80% it just rapidly goes to 100%. Like, 80......87....95..100%.
Please please, somebody help me. I seriously feel like committing 1st degree murder right now, obviously joking. But, you get the point. I'm infuriated.
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User Info: PominAus

2 years ago#2
Try power cycling your console. Whilst it's on, hold power button for ~10 seconds, then turn on your Xbox and try to launch the beta.

User Info: G_Grievous1992

2 years ago#3
The Beta must be downloaded into the HDD or it wont work. So, if you're using a flash device (i.e., USB) it wont work and hence, the black screen.
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