Phil Spencer dropping some small bombs on Twitter

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2 years ago#31
This was funny:

@XboxP3 because xbox one get 3d blueray first sony fan boy spitting fire out and now 3d blueray doesn't matter unbelivebel fan boys from n4g

@hspjap @XboxP3 & after the 1080p Destiny announcement, there are like over 7000 hateful comments from sony fanboys on ign. it's ridiculous

@jk7_s @XboxP3 I also have a ps4 but sony fanboy is the worst no matter what sites you are on they are talking trash on xone like the x360

Phil Spencer
@hspjap @jk7_s My friends with PS are pretty cool, I must just not hang out on the same sites.

@XboxP3 @hspjap @jk7_s I don't go to gaming forums anymore,seems like everything deteriorates to pixel & gpu power. I stay away & I'm happy.

Phil Spencer
@Crypt0ll7 @hspjap @jk7_s Yea playing games seems like a better use of time.

Always O.G.
2 years ago#32
Bellum_Sacrum posted...
NeoMonk posted...
I actually like Phil, he's about the only person there that knows wtf he's doing.

That's because you're blissfully unaware of the embarrassing crap he's pulled.
He literally got booed last year and audibly remarked "I thought they would like the price" right as he was going backstage, but his saddest moment is the mic drop stunt on twitter, after this year's MS E3 Press Conference.

He probably hates E3 now.

whats this mic drop thing?
2 years ago#33
Phil comes across as a sneaky car sales maggot and i dont trust him.
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