Which was the biggest exclusivity loss: FF or Bungie?

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2 years ago#1
Which loss hurt Sony/MS more? - Results (149 votes)
FF hurt Sony more
32.89% (49 votes)
Bungie hurt MS more
48.99% (73 votes)
About the same
18.12% (27 votes)
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To clarify: final fantasy was a ps exclusive, and now is multiplat, and halo (made by Bungie) was/is an xbox exclusive, and now destiny is multiplat. Which is the bigger loss to Sony/MS?

Some things I think best consideration:


A juggernaut series in gaming. Recently hasn't been doing so hot thanks to the fact that XIII, the poorest received FF title in recent memory, spanned an entire generation with pokemon and dress up sequels (I enjoyed both well enough to be fair, but they weren't up to the series's usual quality, and nor was the first for that matter).

It could then be argued that all the series' recent issues occurred after the loss of exclusivity, and so Sony didn't do so bad losing the series when it did. I don't agree with this, since when Sony lost exclusivity the series was still in it's pomp, plus everyone knows that a FF game on a new console is at very least going to have mind blowing graphics, so FFXIII was a legitimate system seller, and could really have changed the minds of a lot of people sitting on the fence.

Additionally, FFXIII came along at a time when ps3 was still suffering in terms of user base over it's year deficit vs the Xbox 360, and lingering hurt over the initial arrogance displayed over the console. Sony got back up just fine in the end, but being able to say "ps3 is the only place to play FFXIII" would have helped things along no doubt.

Looking forwards, XIII is finally done, and whilst the hype for FFXV isn't as great as it might've been for past entries, I'm pretty sure most FF fans are willing to give squeenix the benefit if the doubt at least once more. So long as it doesn't get horrendous reviews (because a lot of people won't play a game that has less than 70 on metacritic), I expect FFXV to sell BIG.


Slightly different kettle of fish being a studio and not a franchise, but here we are talking about the studio that made the original Xbox a contender pretty much on it's own with Halo.

Obviously though we aren't talking Halo any more, but almost might as well be. Look at the multiplayer numbers for Halo 4 vs Reach a couple of months after the Halo 4 launch: the newer game, which had sold more copies had less people playing the multiplayer than the old game, which wasn't widely considered Bungie's best (I personally liked it best, but whatever). And why is this? Because Bungie didn't make Halo 4. They've shown that they are amoung the best when it comes to creating a rounded shooter experience (love or hate the multiplayer I think everyone can agree that Halo story mode is infinitely better than most other shooters).

Destiny has a reported 500 million budget, and according to analysts is set to shift huge numbers too, the only thing against it is the question mark over how well Bungie can do something that isn't Halo. The signs are all good, but if Destiny turns out awful then Microsoft might give themselves a hearty pat on the back for not trying harder to keep Bungie on side.

Of course on the other hand the Xbox One is ailing against the ps4 right now, and having Destiny as an exclusive would surely help matters (pretty much just like above, with Sony and FFXIII), though I suppose Microsoft will still be banking a lot of sales against Halo 5 which is in the same genre, so perhaps the effect won't be as sharp (... but somehow I doubt it, Halo 5 is far away, and Halo 4 wasn't incredible (again, parallels with XIII and sequels above) and Destiny is a big title)

So there you have it! 2 big names now available to all console owners (except Wii U, sorry Wii U) can only be good news for the player, but which was the worst news for the console manufacturer?
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2 years ago#2
Well many consider FF13 to be garbage and Destiny doesn't seem anything like it's been hyped up to be so it's tough to say right now

Maybe if FFXV releases in 20XX and it turns out to be awesome then personally I'd say FF!

Edit, when I think about it FF was a way bigger loss, despite 13 being crap

Sony lost a major franchise whilst MS didn't lose Halo, they only lost the dev
2 years ago#3
Final Fantasy was never really exclusive to begin with. It was originally on Nintendo platforms
2 years ago#4
regs8376 posted...
Final Fantasy was never really exclusive to begin with. It was originally on Nintendo platforms

It was Sony exclusive when it became huge with FF7 though
2 years ago#5
stawg007 posted...
regs8376 posted...
Final Fantasy was never really exclusive to begin with. It was originally on Nintendo platforms

It was Sony exclusive when it became huge with FF7 though

This. If you were to look at my identical topic on the ps4 board I give a rambling explanation that someone distils for me, but what stawg says is the core of the matter. (Identical topics on both boards seemed like such a good idea, but now I'm not so sure...)

I bought a ps2 literally for FFX, but didn't buy a ps1 for FFVII.
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2 years ago#6
No it wasnt exclusive, also ffvii is on PC as well as VIII. FFXI was on the 360 and the PC etc. It wasnt exclusive.
2 years ago#7
Did MS ever own Bungie?
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2 years ago#8
nb003_99 posted...
Did MS ever own Bungie?

Yes. They released games on other platforms until about 2000, then signed up with Microsoft, before breaking away again more recently.
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2 years ago#9
Of course this board will say FF, even though it's entirely true that Destiny will most likely sell much better on Sony's consoles. Maybe more on Xbox 360 than PS3, but a ton more on PS4 than Xbox One.
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2 years ago#10
Japanese gaming has been on the downfall since 2007. With the constant Tsunami's hitting their shores, to the earthquakes that decimated their lands. I would hope they worry more about saving lives than saving their gaming industry.

Which is why i chose Bungie. Not only were they keeping Xbox a float since the original system, but people would still get defensive for a company that still makes good games.
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