Which was the biggest exclusivity loss: FF or Bungie?

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Ps4 is more than 5 million ahead of xbone. There is your answer.
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regs8376 posted...
No it wasnt exclusive, also ffvii is on PC as well as VIII. FFXI was on the 360 and the PC etc. It wasnt exclusive.

Console exclusive..
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I'd say FF cause 343 took over Halo and that's still exclsuive to Xbox. Bungie is best known for Halo. Where as though FF is Square Enix and all Final Fantasy games are Mulitplat now.
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I don't think losing bungie was a big deal. Now if they lost halo that would be huge. People might think halo is dead without bungie but halo 4 was a great game that I truly enjoyed and can't wait to play again with the MCC.
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What about Kojima Productions vs bungie? MGSV is the first proper MGS game to come to a MS console. That's a big deal. If it was Sony exclusive I would have bought a PS4 instead, without hesitation.
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robert_rangersu posted...
What about Kojima Productions vs bungie? MGSV is the first proper MGS game to come to a MS console. That's a big deal. If it was Sony exclusive I would have bought a PS4 instead, without hesitation.

Along with FF from SNES to ps1 I was also considering mentioning MGS, but I decided to keep it simple.

Ironically I think the lack of milking the franchise for all it is worth has damaged MGS: there doesn't seem to be that buzz around it any more that there once was, and I put that down to the relatively few releases, at least of core entries.
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I would be happy to never play another FF in my life. That series never did a thing for me. WRPGs are much more enjoyable for someone my age.
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Bungie - Only because there are still many other RPGs on the Playstation and despite FF previously being exclusive(3rd party) it doesn't truly define the playstation brand. Halo IS Microsofts biggest franchise and is the Mario of Xbox, losing the original team means the franchise won't ever be the same. Look at diablo 3 - while still a good game on it's own it just doesn't capture the essence of diablo 2.
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Destiny will sell around 15 Million Units in its first month
The biggest share of sales will be on the PS4

Bungie favors the PS4 and the X1 is just there

SquareEnix turned into garbage and we can be happy if we will see 2 games from them in this Gen at all.
Final Fantasy still sells its biggest share on the Playstation.
FF13 on the PS3 outsold the 360 version easily and that at a time where the 360 was owning the industry.FF13-2 on the PS3 sold more than the 360 Version of FF13.
Its not a loss at all for Sony cause its still the main platform where the games sell.
In this Gen the ratio would probably be insane cause the PS4 is dominating so hard and is the main platform for every gamer in this Gen.
So Sony didn't lose anything.Im pretty sure Microsoft back then hoped for more especially in Japan considering their efforts with other J-RPG franchises.
Microsoft probably lost here more than Sony(money for convincing SquareEnix to go Multi)

Microsoft lost the most.
Bungie was their beloved god - Like Naughty Dog is for Sony.
They now favor Sony in a time where the PS4 is humiliating their former "boss"
The PS4 gets the best quality of the biggest evolution of the shooter Genre in years.
343 Studios will never create a Halo that comes close to the quality of the PS4 Version of Destiny or whatever Bungie will deliver in this Gen.
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Nowhere in the first post does it say console exclusive. All it says is exclusive. There have been a ton of final fantasy games across many platforms so calling it exclusive is flat out wrong when many of them were on the SNES, ps1/2, 360, pc, etc. Bungie did start off on Windows and Mac as well but the amount of titles on those platforms is miniscule and isnt as spread out as Final Fantasy was.