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Play Sunset Overdrive or go to an Adult Halloween Party? (Poll)
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xtacb3210/22 8:48PM
what do you think the average review score for Sunset Overdrive will be?
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Vin_land2210/22 8:38PM
any reason ever given why X1 players can't party chat with x360 players?Trigg3rH4ppy410/22 8:35PM
Halo 5 Gameplay coming next monthTOhasNoRing110/22 8:19PM
COD controller for $56.99 at (through eBay)cloudrivera110/22 8:17PM
Why in the hell is Xbone bigger and heavier than PS4?
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Agony7910410/22 8:01PM
Would you buy Asura's Wrath Remastered?VoidBeyond210/22 8:00PM
We need a GEARS OF WAR Collection to release on Xbox One.ShadyDre50810/22 7:57PM
Is it safe to say that after Titanfall, no FPS should ever be made without....
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jon davis4310/22 7:50PM
"Voice Commander struggles to reach 60fps" confirmed by Phil Spencerquigonzel210/22 7:45PM
I wish ms would have kept kinect mandatory. Ryse originally kinect only.
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WreckBoX2310/22 7:45PM
Good current X1 exclusives?
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_SyCo_2510/22 7:44PM
What's your "WOW" game? Got the Sunset Overdrive bundle preordered!
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JKSonic1710/22 7:42PM
Resident evil 4 xbox 360 vs standardawskirchart710/22 7:39PM
can you not send voice messages anymore??
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cresentspartan2110/22 7:25PM
Anyone else finally buying a X1 now that Riptor n Cinder are released for KI?STEROLIZER510/22 7:23PM
any differences between original black console and white version? besides color?themothman421410/22 7:07PM
Need one for nightfall now plz msg immediately!!!Csigley1210/22 6:56PM
What (fairly) recent game can I play as a Navy Seal?aj4x94210/22 6:42PM
I can't get the Media Player app to workVortex268710/22 6:20PM