Destiny vs the last 2 Halos

#21MVNeoPosted 7/24/2014 12:37:33 AM
Halo 4 tops both of them combined.
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Real answer is, destiny beta can't beat two full games that has more content and gameplay, to be continued....
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Never liked the Halo universe.
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Reach > Destiny > Halo 4
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Destiny, but after trying it the "always online" thing is a joke. It's very unnecessary, and feels like DRM or an attempt to sell more PS+ and Live subscriptions.
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It seems like Destiny is an extension of what Bungie did with Halo Reach. To me this game proves they were heading in the wrong direction with Halo, they should have stopped at 3. Halo 4 on the other hand was a step back in the right direction. Hopefully 5 keeps moving in the right direction.

Halo 4 was terrible though. There were almost no redeeming qualities to be quite honest


Halo 4 was terrible. It had no redeeming qualities.

He's just trying to say he hates halo 4 because it's the popular thing on the internet to do. It was a great game and had the best campaign in a halo game by far