Will XB1 and Wii U form an alliance?

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2 years ago#1
To be come the head of household? Ps4 has the power of edo.
2 years ago#2
another pointless topic on this board
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2 years ago#3
Miyamoto would tell Phil to kiss his ass.
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2 years ago#4
Very unlikely

The empire will srike back
2 years ago#5
The wii box sounds coool.
2 years ago#6
Why would they form alliance when both are competing for 2nd place? PS4 is already guaranteed 1st place.
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2 years ago#7
That didn't work so well when Sony and Nintendo tried it in mid 90s.
2 years ago#8
If they were smart they would... When playing Risk against my friend, the golden rule I get everyone else at the table to agree to beforehand is "everyone has to team against him to win" because he always rolls 6's, like he's got perfect tactile perception/manipulation in his palms or something. One time when we were playing poker I told him to prove to me he wasn't cheating by shuffling then drawing cards and seeing what their value is, he actually drew 3 aces in a row... Each one got funnier and funnier because he kept digging himself deeper and was as surprised as I was. Tangible luck noticed in ALL things no matter what we're doing. His new profile name for games is "Dude Fortune," half after a developer/bot name in one of our favorite all time games, and half for being the male version of Fortune from MGS2.
2 years ago#9
aj4x94 posted...
Miyamoto would tell Phil to kiss his ass.

Phil is a huge Nintendo fan, so he just might listen! lol
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2 years ago#10
Nintendo wouldn't want to ruin their image by pairing up with Microsoft and has no need for them.

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