Do you think games not being 1080p on X1 are scaring off potential customers?

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2 years ago#21
I think it is the "better performance at same price" aspect that gave the p$4 the lead...
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2 years ago#22
nb003_99 posted...
I think it is the "better performance at a lower price" aspect that gave the p$4 the lead...

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2 years ago#23

Most potential customers at this point are gamers waiting to take the plunge into current gen to begin with, and they're basically waiting on actual games that they want. The public market at large likely doesn't know FPS from fps; they're inclined to stick with the brand that they already own, and won't upgrade until major commercial/pop buzz is generated by something popular and accessible to everyone.

Fanboys of any competing brand excluded, the rest of the gaming crowd who has steered away from Xbox One has done so because of reveal policies and Kinect; their trust in the brand and it's direction and philosophy has been broken. Others still just aren't interested in the games. Then there are the fanboys, of course.
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2 years ago#24
Yes i didnt buy an xbox because of this and was a $100 more at the time
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2 years ago#25
I wouldn't say scaring off, but it definitely influences a few people's decisions
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2 years ago#26

"They’re in 40+ markets, we’re in 13. People have been more satisfied with the Xbox 360 than the PS3, so in that respect people have less of a need to upgrade" - Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft

haha Damn! spot on

Anyway, there you have it.
2 years ago#27
Why is the XBOne only available in 13 regions? They've no one to blame but themselves.
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2 years ago#28
The actual resolution, no. What is scaring people away is how a loud minority of people are blowing the small graphical difference way out of proportion.
2 years ago#29
Miiri0 posted...
There are market for people who like to pay more and get less. I think Microsoft is tapping this market with xbone.

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2 years ago#30
Laylow12 posted...
Tajaz2426 posted...
Of course it is, most people do research these days. If I was going to buy a TV and I only has two choices.

One TV cost the same and more, but only plays 1080p TV 60% of the time and can cost a hundred dollars more.

The other TV is one price, plays 1080P 95% of the time.

If anyone knows the actual percentages let me know. I'm a less than casual player, we have 3 PS4's for my two oldest and me, 1 WiiU for our daughter, and 1 X1, the X1 was for our youngest, he loves Microsoft things.

Anyway, I am always going to go with the more powerful system, that play games better and cost less. As a consumer, I can't understand paying the same or more for a weaker system. It just doesn't make sense at all, that people talk about getting screwed over by products and you're getting charged more for a weaker console.

Whether you can tell or not it sits there and states at you and you know it is weaker and you paid more money. However, people like certain products and they will purchase them, I have no problem with the at all. Hell, I bought my son one, so I'm just as bad.


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I agree. One is normally unwise if he chooses the most expensive and worse machine.

MicrosoftLover posted...

TRUE GAMERS don't care about Graphics or resolutions or frame rate. The only thing that matters is gameplay. Gameplay like that which can be found in...


David Goldman, financial analyst, believes that Sony will be completely bankrupt and sold to Samsung or Toshiba by the end of the year. Part of his reasoning is because of the release of.... You guessed it...


hay that is true, a "true gamer" doesn't care about graphics and resolutions, but about games and gameplay, yep! But how many people call themselves "true gamers" because they are suck at the wrong end of the argument, backing up the perceived losing side.

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