Do you think games not being 1080p on X1 are scaring off potential customers?

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scoobydoobydont posted...
No, but it sure does attract the trolls.

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CaIiber345 posted...

Most potential customers at this point are gamers waiting to take the plunge into current gen to begin with, and they're basically waiting on actual games that they want. The public market at large likely doesn't know FPS from fps; they're inclined to stick with the brand that they already own, and won't upgrade until major commercial/pop buzz is generated by something popular and accessible to everyone.

Fanboys of any competing brand excluded, the rest of the gaming crowd who has steered away from Xbox One has done so because of reveal policies and Kinect; their trust in the brand and it's direction and philosophy has been broken. Others still just aren't interested in the games. Then there are the fanboys, of course.

That's what people said about the Playstation 3 right?
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I bought an xbox one to play with friends, Ps4 for indies and I have a pc because lets face it the multi plats are better on pc and always will be
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ZeroShot101 posted...
I bought an xbox one to play with friends, Ps4 for indies and I have a pc because lets face it the multi plats are better on pc and always will be

Don't tell that to Ubisoft, they gimp their PC ports on purpose to drive sales of the console versions higher.

I have a pretty good gaming rig, runs everything I own at about 60FPS and 900p (cause that's all my cheap monitor displays) yet I prefer console over PC for most games. Why you may ask? Simply because I prefer to manage only 16 buttons and 2 joysticks over a mouse and full keyboard. Sure the graphics might not be amazing, or the framerate the best, but to me gaming on console is more fun.
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dolabla posted...
I overheard a conversation between a woman and her child in the electronics section. The woman seemed to be educating her child that the X1 can't do 1080p on most games

I lolled hard trying to picture this - since when did soccer moms care about graphics? The Wii would have flopped if they all had this mindset.
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Miiri0 posted...
There are market for people who like to pay more and get less. I think Microsoft is tapping this market with xbone.


Absolutely. Paying for the bext exclusives, online service, best controller, and backed by a company not teetering on bankruptcy...

Oh wait

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Without a doubt. When I was in elementary school, everybody knew the SNES was more powerful than the Genesis and this was before the internet. Now we have smartphones and social media at our fingertips, word of mouth has increased exponentially.
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I won't say is about Xbox not doing 1080p but rather the narrative that Xbox is less powerful than PS4. I believe this narrative is actually permeating not only on the Internet but in real life as well.
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A very large percent of console customers have no idea when it comes to power differences. We are in the minority.
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Well, at least it did for me (amongst other things).