My GameStop is sold out of all Destiny editions for the XOne except the Standard

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this topic is so sad( and a lie)

So are you also going to call Amazon liars?

Or are you gonna use the 2014 chart instead cause it works to your advantage?

The 2014 chart is spread over the entire year whereas the list you are linking to is updated hourly, which is really dumb. Do note the PS4 has a huge lead over the Xbone in either one, though, so lol.

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That sexy white ps4 destiny bundle brings out the jelly in all of us
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Meanwhile over at Walmart:
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Meanwhile over at Walmart:

That's what you get for shopping at Wal-Mart.

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Just go to the next Gamestop a block away, I'm sure you can get the LEs reserved there. That other GS must have had unusually low reserve slots due to the low expectations for Xbone sales.

Don't shop at GameStop and don't make **** up OP. If you insist on lying, at least think of a plausible lie first.
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Not lying at all. I was there again today pre-ordering The Master Chief Collection, Destiny (standard), and Forza Horizon 2. I have Destiny LE pre-ordered at Best Buy but I'm not sure yet what to do.
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He's not lying I was in yesterday trying to upgrade, said they were sold out. Didn't think they would have sold out so early.
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You can still preorder the limited edition for Xbox One at Gamestop online. They are however are out of the PS4 limited edition.
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Varna9 posted...
He's not lying I was in yesterday trying to upgrade, said they were sold out. Didn't think they would have sold out so early.

He's not lying about the Xbox One versions being sold out, but he is lying about the PS4 versions not being sold out. The PS4 versions were the first to sell out. The Xbox One versions sold out about a day later.
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I'll sum up this thread in 3 words: This never happened.

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