Why is it that the X1 is "unsuccessful" because the PS4 is outselling it?

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Ponies got lit up last gen and are buttsore so let them have there fun,most of them are just cheerleaders and not real gamers anyway's,real gamers are not sheep and cheerlead there favorite product's,they think that sales is all that matter's no matter what just not the Wii though.
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The sad thing about these arguments is that compared to last gen MS is actually doing better this gen when it comes to install base numbers. Go compare the install base numbers last gen around this time period for the 360 (9 month window) and you'd see it's actually selling better than in previous gen. But because they are not outselling the competition they are losing. These are the same people saying this that watched the PS3 struggle to meet sales, and yet they (Sony) turned out fine... Oh well, whatever... Got to love the bias here. Fact is, MS will be fine.

As a side note, I wonder why anyone would want MS to fail so badly. No competition is not a good things and the last thing I would personally want to see is Sony be the lone "core" system standing (sorry, but Nintendo has and always will capture a different corner of the market). These companies need the competition to drive them to make better experiences. With no competition, I wouldn't want to see what either Sony or MS turned into in regards to the gaming industry...
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DepreceV2 posted...
_Doomguy_ posted...
Because hype and sales and quantity is what matters.

Money is what matters. Not making as much money as expected is a problem but not a failure

Relative to what? Your competition or your previous iteration? Compared to 360's first 9 months of sales the One is doing very well.
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it doesn't really. It just shows there's more marketshare going to the competition, while xbone gets table scraps of dudebros that haven't figured out what the xbone is about.
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Three questions spring to mind:

Who says MS is making money on the X1 (either model)?

If MS isnt worried (opinion that means the most), why all these 180s after launch?

If you are 3rd in a three person race, does the bronze medal still mean you did well?
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Because they're losing marketshare.
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Shadowfxd2 posted...
it doesn't really. It just shows there's more marketshare going to the competition, while xbone gets table scraps of dudebros that haven't figured out what the xbone is about.

So getting half the sales is considered table scraps?
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The only thing that has been unsuccessful is the amount sould after November and December. It took 6 months to sell a little over 1 million consoles. That is not what Microsoft wanted and they did away with the Kinect and made a Kinectless SKU. They will always look at numbers and make changes. I'm sure they have set a new projection already and are looking at what can be done to sell consoles.

We will know in July if the Kinectless SKU holds up and they will go from there. They are a smart company, but the sales have been horrid.
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Right now, the X1 is number 2 in sales...and in performance.

There's no shame in it...until some people don't want to accept it and then it looks downright embarrassing.
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You can't say XB1 is a success because it sold more than 360 in the same timeframe, the market is different, the launch was different.

Batman and Robin made more money on its opening weekend than Forrest Gump but It was still a failure.

XB1 in the same way sold more in its first month compared to 360 due to better supply of units (like Batman and Robin released in more theaters), but 360's sales were better than XB1 after that and 360 had shortages well into June of 2006, same with PS3 and Wii, they all had shortages.

And learning from that mistake all three companies launched with about 3 times as many consoles which led to higher initial sales, but PS4 was the only one that was able to keep the demand after the initial, both XB1 and WiiU have been trending worse than any last gen console.

And for a console that's going to be on the market for a decade first month sales mean nothing.