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is it just me or...
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Grim-Creeper1312/26 8:28PM
So if there's nothing MS can do about these DDoS attacks why continue gaming?
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TheGam39254912/26 8:15PM
Rate That Xbox One Game #10 - Wolfenstein: The New Order (Poll)
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What was the last game you played that took your breath away?
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SigmaLongshot11012/26 7:27PM
How much of the COD community is like this? yikes...
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BushidoEffect32312/26 7:25PM
Just got off of Live Chat Support...
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InsomniaGoddess1112/26 7:23PM
What does DDos mean? It's getting annoying that poeople keep saying thatStarmanAnthony412/26 7:18PM
Digital vs physical. I'm back to physical for now.
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limunious1312/26 7:15PM
Do physical copies install faster than digital?boundedcrib512/26 7:14PM
is xbox live down right now?mysteriousdude912/26 7:10PM
Well, I've been out of the US for 10 days.the_old_days412/26 7:01PM
Did you do anything productive while Live was down?
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That_Damn_Kid2012/26 6:51PM