Xbox boss: "Not long" before preloading digital games finally hits Xbox One

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you see didn't have to force DRM, you didn't have to force out Gamestop...there are plenty of people willing to go

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..better yet

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I want to be able to play my games as close to midnight launch as possible, and I like to buy digitally.

Preloading is the best way to make this happen because the download takes a long time, and release times that aren't based only on Pacific Time would be nice.

Exactly. I'm all digital this gen while my friends are physical. So I want to be able to play with them at midnight.

Still can't believe they don't have this yet when they place such a huge emphasis on digital in the first place.

I thought I had read before that it has something to do with retail stores threatening to not carry games if they do this. The more things go digital, the more you're going to see stores like Gamestop get upset.

I have never heard of any stores having a problem with digital preorder downloads. Hell, Steam has been doing that for literally over a decade, and I'm pretty sure it was added to the PS3 a few years back.

I remember reading gamestop was making lots of profits over digital content, like people buying dlc map packs from them. They are in full support
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Honestly I don't even care about preordering digitally. I want to be able to preload so once the games up on the marketplace I can just start playing
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