DF: X1 destiny changed hud, lower res, lower draw distance, blurry textures

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velvet_hammer posted...

Only ps4 gets next gen hud lol. Closer then i thought but ps4 still handles it easy.

* than I*
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zerooo0 posted...

I guess you showed him some "enlightenment" about the search bar.

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You guys want to know the SADDEST PART OF THE ARTICLE?

They actually used IGN PHOTOS, look at the bottom right corner for the picture comparisons.
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Robin_Mask posted...
You guys want to know the SADDEST PART OF THE ARTICLE?

They actually used IGN PHOTOS, look at the bottom right corner for the picture comparisons.

No the saddest part is that trolls think this article is negative feedback on the Xbox One when it's positive, saying a 900p version looks almost identical to the 1080p version on ps4, and pointing out that the 1080p xbox images are compressed. It's also sad how they think curved health bars and a sharper texture on the number of bullets I have left in a beta for an unfinished game makes the One version unplayable. There's so much more to troll but they choose this.
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well the PS4 is more powerful making those DF articles pretty much irrelevant now..they only serve as troll bait to fanboys..then again they always served as troll bait to fanboys..
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This wasn't the first topic about this, but it certainly has the better click bait headline. I expect many trolls to get fat off this thread.
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Destiny Beta: Xbox One vs PS4 Graphics Comparison: http://youtu.be/kOv7NQ-m6Pk

GameSpot comparison video. They do look pretty darn similar, but there are a few minor improvements in the PS4 footage (slightly better texture detail and objects in the distance look less blurred).

The video starts by saying xbox one 720p upscaled to 1080, which is not correct, Bungie said it is 900p upscaled...
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I've been playing the beta on 360 and I think it looks great. I guess that means I need new glasses.
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The really sad thing is when you look back and realize that these same posters have spent like 5+ years straight trolling. Can you imagine living a life filled with such insecurity and emptiness that spending 5 years trying to piss strangers off is what you consider a hobby?

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A multi-platform game looks and runs better on PS4...shocking.
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