Insert disc - when disc is inserted?

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That's what she said
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How do u do a hard reset?
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#13wskingwsPosted 7/25/2014 9:16:29 PM
That's how my first xbox one went out, It wouldn't read discs every now and then. It was like that for a couple months until one day the disc drive completly died.
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#14Megamushroom666Posted 7/25/2014 9:41:33 PM
Disc drive errors are pretty common so use that warranty.
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#15IAMTH3GUYVERPosted 7/25/2014 11:43:30 PM
I've been having this problem recently as well. It does it with my games AND blu-ray movies. I keep ejecting and inserting only to keep having the same problem. Eventually it works but I'll try doing what everyone says and turn the instant on to off.
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#16BouncePosted 7/25/2014 11:48:06 PM
Try holding on to the disc for an extra second while the disc drive tries to pull it in, you'll feel it try to grab the disc a second time and then you can let go. Probably wanna go ahead and get it sent in, but this has been working for me.
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Gunvalkyrie2 posted...
How do u do a hard reset?

Hold the power button on the console until it resets.